PoliNations - a spectacular garden in Victoria Square

Between the 2nd and the 18th of September 2022, Birmingham hosted an amazing garden full of colour, beauty and natural diversity called PoliNations which has opened up many conversations.

Commissioned as part of UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK and also presented as part of Birmingham 2022 Festival.

"PoliNations reflects on the UK’s complex histories surrounding migration and diversity whilst celebrating our differences, our roots, and our future, and emphasising the importance of access to green spaces and a healthy planet." - PoliNations website


Introducing PoliNations

A celebration of colour, beauty, and of natural diversity.


Angie Bual of the PoliNations team says .....

"This whole project has come about because we were really interested to transform the square into a horticultural wonderland ..... and celebrate the multiculturalism of Birmingham."


Tamsin Hanke of the PoliNations team says .....

"..... we wanted to talk about how forests grow in the wild ....."


Creative placemaking conversations

Let us show with reference to short video clips how PoliNations has engaged community and can inspire creativity.


The team behind PoliNations say .....

"The joy on people's faces is phenomenal ..... showcases what can be done in cities." 


Sash Scott of The PoliNations team says .....

"People are taking ownership of this space and treating it with immense care ...."


The team behind PoliNations say .....

"There's a creative in everyone ..... just give it a go."


The PoliNations team says .....

"The best thing about Birmingham is its people ..... such a multi-cultural vibrant place ....."


Full conversation


Project dates

11 Sep 2022 - On-going


Art; Culture & creativity, Environment & green action


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